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What is the difference between leather grades?

Top grain leather is the highest quality leather available for furniture. Leather grades refer to the different price groups. Some retail stores will lead you to believe that the grades are actually indicators of quality in the hope you will spend more on a higher “grade”. All top grain leathers are of the same quality when first processed in the tannery. Depending on how the hide is processed and which leather finish is applied will vary the price.

Styling your room with quality leather furniture

When decorating your room, you can not go wrong with furniture upholstered in luxurious top grain leather or fashionable soft fabricBoth leather and fabric come in many textures and patterns, which will beautify your room.

Protecting your leather furniture from the sun

Leather furniture is great for everyday busy family live. However direct sunlight on your leather or any other furniture may prematurely discolor your investment.

Modern and Contemporary furniture

Modern and contemporary furniture has been popular from some time now.


Bi-cast and bonded leather products are made by bonding a thick polyurethane coating to a split-hide leather or composite leather substrate.

Leather Sofa Beds Are a Perfect Choice

When having sleepover guests, a leather sofa bed is a great option. Today’s sofa beds are functional, come in many designs and are comfortable to sit and sleep on.

How to Decorate Smaller Living Spaces

Real Estate is getting more expensive and new homes and condominiums are getting smaller. It is common to find 400 to 700 sq/ft studios and one bedrooms these days. How can these smaller spaces be decorated and still feel spacious?

Leather Furniture and Pets

Leather is the perfect upholstery material in a household with pets. 

Caring for your Leather Furniture

Top grain leather furniture is known for its durability and ease of maintenance. Looking after your leather investment is easy.


Leather Sectionals Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Leather sectionals are a great alternative to regular sofa and love seat sets. A leather sectional can have the same footprint as a sofa and love seat. A leather sectional is stylish and will give the same amount of seating.